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Volunteers (You have a background in ICT and would like to help our project, we'd love to hear from you)

Funds (Whilst most of our team work on a volunteer basis Uconnect needs funds to cover shipping and other logistical costs)

Laptops (P4 and above)

Smartphones (We are piloting the use of smart phones to provide vital information and support to rural healthcare workers in particular, for example through and app that teaches safe birthing. )

Desktop PCs (P4 and above including flat screens)

Flat Screen Monitors (any dimension urgently needed, CRT monitor's power consumption lets us power them with solar power in locations lacking mains electricity)

Laser Printers (working, extra toner cartridges new or used appreciated)

Network equipment (WiFi equipment, switches, routers, cat 5 cables, RJ45 plugs, crimp tools, testers, etc...)

Hard Disks (20 GB upwards)

RAM Memory (laptop & desktop memory)

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply, if batteries are worn out we can replace them)

Inverters (to provide alternative to mains power)

Deep Cycle Batteries (in good working condition, for use with Solar panels)

Solar Panels (for locations without mains electricity)


Keyboards (US or British layout)


British Computer Power Cables (bulk)

Shipping (if you are a shipping or airfreight company & would like to sponsor us with your services, or simply have space available in a container please let us know)

Equipment not listed (if you have equipment that you could provide to UConnect not listed let us know by e-mail and we'll let you know if we can put it to good use.)




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