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E-learning provided for women and girls in East-Africa using tailored educational content combined with quality refurbished computers.

étudiantes dans une école primaire à Bushenyi acquérir des compétences informatiques students at a primary school in Bushenyi take their first lessons on their new computers

All across Africa girls who are bright and wish to continue their studies are forced to leave school to help their families. Often these girls marry when quite young and then have no chance to learn, so the cycle of poverty goes on. UConnect will supply computers with offline e-learning training to carefully selected partnering NGOs with projects supporting training for women. The e-learning content that UConnect has been distributing in East Africa contains offline open source e-learning in agriculture, child care and nutrition, general health, computer skills, business and accounting skills, plus the Kahn Academy courses for girls who might like to train to be able to enter university.


New project 2015 Life-long e-learning for girls and women.

Filles de l'école Nabisunsa participer à une leçon de IT
Girls from Nabisunsa school participate in an ICT lesson
The program will provide computers to NGOs that work with girls and women The project will also allow for the girls and women to have the computers in their own homes if electricity is present. Each of these girls can act as an agent of learning to her friends and neighbours since the courses are open source she is free to copy a course to anyone else's computer or USB flash drive. Tests and certificates will be provided to partner NGOs and schools.The girls and women will be able to interact on a networking platform so that they may come to know each other and encourage each other.


étudiants de l'école primaire Kashozi avec leur nouveau salle d'informatique
Students from Kashozi Primary School try out their new computer lab

This winning combination makes world class e-learning lessons affordable in Africa
The program will encourage and reward participants to use skills gained and their natural nurturing inclinations to better the lives of other girls in their communities. We want encourage life-long participation improvement of skills and social networking with others with similar goals..




UConnect needs your help
Our first container of 700 computers is on its way to Tanzania on the 24th. We have only made a down payment. We need support to cover the costs of shipping and clearing. It costs us $14 (£9) per computer which includes transport and clearing. That is $28,000 (£18,000) for the 2000 computers we have ready to send. Could you help us with a donation?

If you would like to support this project please use UConnect's bank details below:

Account name: Uconnect
Account number: 90588679
Sort code: 20-66-51
IBAN: GB05BARC206651-90588679

UConnect is a registered UK Charity No. 1059184

NGO Registered in Uganda

Contact: Lisa Stern
Email: lisauconnect.org



 étudiants/étudiantes dans le Nord de l'Ouganda montrent leur enthousiasme d'obtenir une salle d'informatique pour leur école
Students at a UConnect presentation in the north of Uganda show there enthusiasm to get computers at their school
UConnect in brief:

  • 1st shipment in 1996
  • over 7000 information appliances (till now predominantly PCs) in over 600 schools
  • Current focus on girls and women
  • Each project includes onsite training and support
  • We train and work with a local team.
  • Each computer is followed up with support.





enseignants participent à un atelier informatique donné par  membres de l'équipe UConnect Ouganda
Teachers take part in a workshop given by members of the UConnect team in Uganda
Lisa avec Grace un ami proche qui était membre de la direction de l'école de sages-femmes à Jinja dont la fille est la sage-femme en chef de l'hôpital Mengo à Kampala et a reçu formation de NAISSANCE ACTIVE, de UConnect
Lisa with close friend GRACE who just retired from direction the midwifery school in Jinja whose daughter is the head midwife at Mengo Hospital in Kampala have received ACTIVE BIRTH training from UConnect
UConnect formateurs enseignent les enseignants et les élèves d'une école comment installer et administrer un réseau local dans leur école
UConnect trainers give students and teachers a "Network Training Workshop" where they learn to install administer and troubleshoot their own school network including measuring the cabling and crimping/testing their own network cables.











Uconnect Sends Three More Containers of Refurbished Computers to Uganda from Europe for Schools Project Expansion

GVAcontainerteam33.jpg (26120 bytes)

Two 20 foot and one 40 foot containers with more than 800 computers and 17” screens were shipped to Uganda from Europe this April with Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC).   Read the full story with pictures.  


Uconnect Adds Telecentre Management to Network Training Workshops

mbalemgmt33.jpg (61292 bytes)

Schools with networked labs connected to the Internet qualify to purchase a SchoolAxxess server and may take delivery of their server only after staff have successfully completed a Telecentre Management Training Workshop.  Read the full story with pictures.  


Junior I-Network Node invites Uconnect to demonstrate SchoolAxxess at Namilyango College

johnsoned33.jpg (34763 bytes)

Junior I-Network Node Coordinator, Natalie Kimbugwe, arranged for Uconnect to demonstrate the SchoolAxxess server technology to eight members of the computer club at Namilyango College in Seeta this April.  Read the full story with pictures.  


SchoolAxxess Server WiFi Demo at Uganda’s Education Exhibit

serverdemo25.jpg (31846 bytes)

Students, teachers and education ministry officials were invited to climb aboard the truck to get some hands-on browsing on twelve workstations, connected to a SchoolAxxess server wirelessly by WiFi.   Read the full story with pictures.



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