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PRESS KIT (in french)


Africa connected to the Internet via Switzerland
article in "Le Matin" newspaper Geneva   (translated from french)

Based in Geneva and working in Uganda, the association, Uconnect, proposes an ethical and responsible solution for computer recycling.

Saskia Galitch
Internet, a universal tool?  Sadly, this is not the case, for access to information and communications technologies (ICTs) remains for the most part the privilege of those in the developed countries.  Out of this digital divide - for which the South pay a heavy price a number of organizations have been born, which fight tirelessly to try to bridge this gap.  And so Uconnect, by refurbishing second-hand computer equipment and shipping it to Uganda, brings not only a "responsible solution for recycling", but also allows dozens Ugandan schools to be connected to the Internet and at the same time stimulate various economic projects in a spirit of sustainable development.  So explain the co-founder of Uconnect, Daniel Stern,  spokeswoman, Caroline Wieland, of their "webmaster, systems administrator & trainer, Jed Stern.

Sustainable development
The aims of Uconnect could be summed up in three words: education and sustainable development. Daniel Stern explained that, although information technology generally and Internet in particular are obviously tremendous tools for education and development in themselves, they may also stimulate the creation of social initiatives and economic infrastructures... see complete article




Making Telecentres Sustainable

According to Daniel Stern of the Uconnect Schools Project in Uganda, a small after-hours fee ($0.50 per hour) for public access to telecentres in schools can not only make telecentres sustainable, but also can facilitate their expansion.  See interview


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Commissioner Primary Education Mr Sam Onek launches Kashozi Computer Lab


"Kashozi Primary School in Ishaka, Bushenyi district, will never be the same again.

Last weekend, the rural government school had its 30 computers connected to the Internet, propelling it into the information age. It becomes the first of 40 schools countrywide to get fast Internet access on the pilot SchoolWeb project run by Ugandan NGO Uconnect (www.uconnect.org)."

Read the full article by Vincent Mugaba                   

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